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Civil Savvy Society – 6th Grade – 8th Grade

Civil Savvy Society

This program is designed for middle school age children in 6th – 8th grades. This is the time where social skills start to become and play a large role in a child’s life. The level of a child’s self-esteem and confidence really starts to show around this age and it is so important that they have a strong foundation underneath them to keep them grounded as they prepare for high school. This fun, interactive program will teach new, more advanced concepts in etiquette, manners, and protocol while also reinforcing the lessons they’ve already been taught in Your Manners Matter. For children who did not go through the Your Manners Matter program, that’s ok! You will learn the basic concepts in our “brushing up” parts of the class and we will build from there to make sure everyone is able to master the content! Topics will vary depending on the program being offered. Some topics include, hello and goodbyes, setting the table, being humble, telephone etiquette, and more!

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Civil Savvy Society – 6th Grade – 8th Grade