Etiquette Classes for Kids Phoenix AZ



Our mission is to instill the proper protocols, manners, and etiquette into each generation, so that they will have the confidence and power to reach the highest level of success in their personal and professional lives.

Have you ever met someone who had that extra “something” that you couldn’t put your finger on? It is that “something” that separated them from the crowd. That “something” can be defined as charm, social grace, poise, polish, charisma, confidence. How do you get that “something”? No, you cannot fake it until you make it. That is a temporary solution. You have to attain that competitive edge, learn it and work it into your life every day. Often times it is true; you don’t know what you don’t know, right? How you interact with others and in certain situations directly effects how you feel about yourself. If you do not know the proper protocols and etiquette, then your confidence and self-esteem is going to be lower than someone who does. You will not have the “competitive edge” that everyone today seeks. This will affect many aspects of your life from getting that job over someone else, getting that date, making friends, pursuing your dreams, your level of ambition, interacting with co-workers, doing your best and truly living your best life. Rather than being a part of the crowd, stand out in the crowd.

Whitney Williamson, owner and operator of The Center for Proper Protocol and Etiquette, is a Certified Etiquette Instructor; trained and certified by The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette. Whitney created the company with two goals in mind: 1) To bring civility and respect back to our society. Our future depends on many things; civility in the human race is among the most important. 2) To combat the rising rates of depression and anxiety in our culture by providing all ages the refinement and poise required in order to optimize their full potential and confidence in who they are.  Whitney has a great passion for helping with the personal development in children and growing critical skills in adults. She strongly believes that the programs and lessons taught can accomplish the results that she has seen time and time again and even experienced herself. Whitney grew up in the South where manners and charm are requirements of the culture. Attending etiquette and protocol classes from middle school to high school, Whitney quickly learned the importance that comes with having these social skills and knowledge. Her upbringing along with a thorough etiquette education molded her character, morals and values. It provided her with the confidence to hold her own in any social and professional setting that she has encountered throughout her life.